Tattoo Removal Academy



Do you want to be a Tattoo Removalist?

Think Again Laser clinic is offering YOU a place in our training program where you will you become COMPLETELY qualified in Skin Science for Laser Tattoo Removal, but most importantly get a first of its kind access to one of the most successful Tattoo Removal companies in the WORLD! 

-7 Day course - practical and theory based accredited training
-Plus one-on-one training available post academy
-3 Study options
-Small classes in an intensive and intimate environment
-Run from expert providers, market leaders: Think Again Laser Clinic.

Sydney course dates are :27th may to 2 June.

What makes this the WORLD’S most comprehensive tattoo removal academy?

  • 2 Government Accredited courses - ‘Skin Science ’ at a leading Australian College and Laser Safety (required for operation of class 4 laser). 

  • Industry Secrets-The entire business will be broken into 15 segments, you will receive the data, information and secrets that we have capitalised on in each area specific to tattoo removal. What works for this industry is entirely different to most! 

  • Business Key Note- Presentations from multiple national and international experts in business areas ranging from; Marketing, Digital Design, Public Relations, Business Development, and MANY more areas our competition have NO IDEA even matter. For each unit there will be an expert and myself personally who will explain how their expertise applies to OUR industry. 

  • Practical Training - We will show you that it is not all about what laser you use, but your technique. We have many secret techniques (our staff all work under NDAs, they cannot work in the industry for 2 years after working for us)  that will be shared with you. This is how at Think Again we get market leading results. Developed over years, and passed onto you for the day you open. You will be competent and confident to treat people and more skilled than most people already in the industry. Your results will drive the competition crazy wondering how you can get them and they can’t!

  • DISCOUNTS- As a student you will receive $5,000 offthe cost of your Quanta System equipment! You will also receive a unique business program provided by our premium partner NSW Business Chamber valued at over$7,000 to help you get on your feet!

  • Competitor analysis- we will analyse the market and explain what people are currently doing and how it can be done better. Including one detailed case study for each student assessed by myself and other business experts. You can try and guess what people are doing yourself, but really, who knows better than us?  

  • Ongoing Support- direct from myself and my team in the foundation stages of your business if you choose to open a clinic. We want you to own your own successful clinic. There is plenty of room in this industry for more QUALITY run tattoo removal clinics.

  • How to run a consultation and CLOSE every time, the consultation process is more important than any other. We close 90% of clients who enter our clinic.   


This course will pay itself off in your first month of operation, once I empower you to bring yourself your first 15 clients with EASE, you will be in front financially AND in front of the competition (yes you will make money from day one with the right advice), and will pay itself off MULTIPLE times in your first year.

We are selective with who is most suitable for this program and only want to educate individuals we know for certain can be successful in the industry (hopefully owning their own business and brand!).