Top Reasons Why You should Add Tattoo Removal

Tattoos have become a blazing trend now more than ever before. Therefore, it is indeed a smart business move to add tattoo removal to your practice. Whether you own a tattoo salon, medical spa or you are a physician in private practice, you can boost your practice and increase turnover by adding laser tattoo removal to the list of services you offer.

Although Tattoos have been in use since ancient times, their popularity is on the rise now. With so many people sporting a tattoo, there is an equally increasing need for tattoo removal. People with tattoos wish to get rid of their tattoo to replace it with a new one or because they regret it.

Whatever the reason behind it, tattoo removal remains a highly lucrative business you can reap huge profits from. And now is the best time to turn this demand into revenue and a wider client base. Here are the various advantages of laser tattoo removal for different practices.

Tattoo Removal as Part of Your Tattoo Shop

Enhance Your Potential

Contrary to popular belief that tattoo removal and tattoo fields cannot coexist, there is actually plenty of profits to be made by combining the two fields.

A person seeking tattoo removal need not necessarily do it because he or she hates it. There are several reasons such as a change in lifestyle, replacing with a fresh design or erasing the name of an ex-lover.

By having a tattoo removal service in your tattoo shop, you stand to gain a lot. You can provide complete and partial removal of ink, fading for tattoo cover-ups and increase your prospects of replacement artwork and more return clientele.

Expand Your Expertise

Cover-up tattoos require fading of the tattoo for best results. The laser removal reduces the need for more ink during a cover-up procedure and also provides a cleaner space for better design integration. With a tattoo removal service, you can perform an in-house removal instead of referring your client to a separate removal service. The time taken and costs would reduce for the client and you will be able to provide a quick, efficient, and successful cover-up tattoo procedure.

Accelerate Profits

With the addition of laser tattoo removal, you can achieve a huge competitive advantage. The opportunities to turn your shop into a full-feature tattoo shop increases remarkably with the addition.

Higher revenue and more clientele are guaranteed as your professional tattoo expertise together with tattoo removal skill enhance your overall proficiency in the field, thereby making you the ‘go to expert’ in and around your locality.

Medical Spa Tattoo Removal Service

Lure more Patients

When compared to conventional spas or salons, medical spas provide a better base for tattoo removal. Here are some solid reasons:

  • The medical procedure setup can easily be extended to laser procedures, making the addition a perfect choice. For instance, you can offer the tattoo removal as part of a package deal such as adding hair removal therapy to it.
  • Since medical spa customers are beauty-oriented, including tattoo removal would attract customers who regret their tattoo and want to regain their natural beauty.
  • You can also attract existing and new patients with the service.
  • Since tattoos are more ubiquitous among the younger age group, who frequent spas mostly for aesthetic enhancement, the service, for sure, will boost your clientele.

Easy Implementation

Laser tattoo removal needs special training. With a medical spa, the training part is easier as a majority of medical spas deal with light based or laser procedures which are handled by technicians and staff trained in laser basics. With a trained staff, it is easier to implement the laser tattoo removal procedure. The training period would be short and the staff would also enjoy adding another specialist procedure to their gamut of skills.

Less Effort and more Returns

Laser tattoo removal is one of the quickest procedures you will be performing in your spa. When compared to services such as hair removal, removing of tattoo is very quick and in some cases, it is over in less than 30 seconds.

Moreover, multiple sittings are required for complete tattoo removal, so you will find your schedule full enough for the follow-up to worry about scheduling new patients. 

And the best part of tattoo removal is it offers high returns with less down time and very minimal expendable costs.

Tattoo Removal for Physicians

Be a Step Ahead

A laser tattoo removal procedure adds value to many businesses, such as tattoo shops, medical spas, and more so for a physician.

  • Your medical background gives a better advantage as more patients are likely to seek your service because of your medical expertise.
  • The service enables you to develop your practice only to see you as an expert in coming years.
  • Dermatologists especially gain a definite advantage with their skin care expertise. 
  • The state regulations regarding laser procedures approve medical professionals more readily when compared to non-medical certified businesses. In some states, only physicians are allowed to handle tattoo removal lasers.

Reap more Revenue

Removal of the tattoo using lasers is a short and simple procedure that does not incur you any unessential costs.

The service has the potential of delivering high profits to your practice as patients will be willing to have tattoo removal done by a certified medical professional.

And most importantly, tattoo removal does not come under medical insurance and is a cash pay category as it is classified under the cosmetic procedure.

Low Setup Costs

In contrast to a new business setup, physicians have most of the resources needed for tattoo removal procedure including staff, clinic, and clients.

  • The non-invasive procedure is easy to understand and so is imparting training to the staff and nurses.
  • The existing procedure room used for the usual treatments can be retained for tattoo removal.
  • Further, physicians need not scout for new clientele as they have a prevailing patient base to tap from. 
  • In the huge patient pool you have, it is easy to find plenty of patients who are looking for a safe and effective tattoo removal.
  • Patients would be ready to undergo the procedure with a physician they have developed a trusted relationship with.

We have been instrumental in supporting several business owners to expand their services by introducing laser tattoo removal into their domain of expertise. If you are new to aesthetic or cosmetic laser field, laser tattoo removal may appear to be an overwhelming and high-risk venture. We provide the ideal support with premium technology, great resources, and top-tier training, so you can lure potential customers and gain huge revenues out of this procedure. We are looking forward to adding that positive prospect in your business!