Tips to Gain Immediate Edge over Your Competitors in Laser Business the Adwords Way

Marketing your laser business needs a precise strategy as it a specific forte that interests only people who regret their tattoos or those with tattoos. Online marketing is the perfect tactic you can employ as it is equipped with every sale enhancing tool you need for your laser tattoo removal business.

While you have several proven online marketing strategies that can help reach potential clients, Google Adwords remains a time-tested pay per click strategy ideal for all types of businesses, small and large.

The main basis of online marketing is having your own website. The chief role of the website is to provide information on the services you offer to potential customers and generate sales. Without visitors, you will not have any sales and profits.

This is where Google Adwords helps. It increases traffic to your website, markets your service, and increases sales. Here is a comprehensive guide on how you can use AdWords to boost your laser tattoo removal business.

Why do you need Google AdWords?

Being the biggest web search engine, Google is the ideal platform to market your business. It is also the perfect search tool everyone uses irrespective of what they are looking for. When a visitor performs a Google search, all results that match the query are displayed on the result page. With the right key phrase or keyword, your website can rank high in the results and will be featured prominently.

To rank high, you need to adhere to Google algorithm factors which decide whether a page is relevant or not. While there are more than 200 factors, the most significant points to remember are having quality content on your site and links from credible sites.

Search engine optimization or SEO as it is commonly termed denotes the grading done by Google for websites based on how relevant the content is for a particular search. In simple words, SEO helps in turning your site attractive enough for Google to get listed on its first-page search results without spending any money.

If you have just started your website or your business is a small one, it will take a long time to see SEO results for your site as you will have to compete with already established competitor sites that have been ranking high for a long time. Most probably you will feature in the fourth or fifth page if you are new to the business. This will not help drive traffic to your site.

With Google Adwords, you can

  • Have ad space by paying for Google AdWords as you wait for your website’s SEO to work.
  • The paid ad space helps feature your website in the first four search results for ads.
  • Improved impressions and more clicks to your site will begin immediately irrespective of whether yours is a new or an established site.
  • Brings highly targeted leads for your website as is lets you concentrate on the customers who require your services regularly.
  • Google algorithms are being updated constantly to improve delivery of ads and search results that are very relevant. With Google AdWords, you can ensure you are visible to your target customers who require your services.

Using Pay-Per-Click Ads

Here is how a Google Adwords marketing campaign is done normally:

  1. You create an ad with a list of keywords and phrases that are appropriate for your services and business.
  2. When a user performs a search using those keywords or phrases, your advertisement will be featured with your website link.
  3. Prospective clients will turn into leads when they click on the link featured in the ad.

While this is a basic campaign, there are several customization features that make the marketing more effective.

Here are a few of the options you could play with:

Appropriate Keywords

Deciding on the appropriate and relevant keyword is necessary for an effective AdWords campaign. Keywords that are relevant to your location and services and are of high volume will be more likely to attract your target customers.

If a customer is located in Sydney and wants to remove tattoo, the keywords commonly used in such a situation include Best Tattoo removal service Sydney, Laser tattoo removal Sydney, remove tattoo, etc.

When the keywords are relevant, your site has more chances to rank high against those ads of a competitor. By adding such relevant keywords in the ad descriptions and titles, you can always increase the click rate.

Targeting Specific Location

Google Adwords helps you narrow down your target customers based on location. As cited in the example above, for a tattoo removal service in Sydney, you should select locally and target your potential clients in Sydney and its suburbs. This will avoid spending your time and effort on customers who are far away.

AdWords allows you to customize location feature by states, countries, zip codes, cities and also target a particular radius. Furthermore, you can customize ads by excluding locations to make sure your money is well-spent on the specific customers you want to reach.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions help supplement more info on your business in the ads. You can increase visibility and click-through rate by providing more interactive options for customers. Here are some popular extensions commonly implemented in ads:

Call extensions

This allows customers to contact you with just a single click

Location extension

Your location and business information is listed to help customers find it easily

Callout extensions

This includes additional text on your business about special offers, products or services you provide

Sitelink extension